I'm still kind of a guitar n00b, even though I've been playing for a couple months. Basically, I just need a little help on the intro to "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold.

This is llama_slap's tab BTW.


I just need help with the bolded part. I can't seem to play it as fast as Syn does.
you strum on the 5 pullof to the 3 hammer the 5 slide to the 6 strum the 5 pull off to the 3 strum or pulloff to the open
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It is alternated picked just keep practicing it, building on your speed.
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[...] I just need help with the bolded part. I can't seem to play it as fast as Syn does.

Well yeah...it IS Synyster...

Anyways its possible, just practice as everyone else is saying... Alternate picking, yes.

Want to practice alternate picking? Play Unholy Confessions. That'll put some dings in your pick.
plus, if you cant alternate pick that great, you should probably try a different song before this one. and stupefied was right. unholy confessions is a good one to start out with.