I dont know whether to put this in the Pit or in the Bandleading forum so...

This is a story of my friends band and why it is probably not a goo idea to start a band with friends. My sophomore year of highschool my friends decided to make a band just for fun. I wasnt envited into the band mainly because my friends didn't know if i was any good at guitar at the time. The drummer and vocalist had never played before and the guitarist had been playing for a year. Now i am going to go through some parts quickly to get to the problem. Junior year i joined and then quit and then joined again and then quit again. The reason was because i did not like their style of music and i also thought they were crappy musicians. They had gone through punk to classic rock to metal/death metal to now i dont even know.

As of now were in our senior year of highschool and some problems are arising. They all are paying monthly for a band studio room but the drummer, who is the only one with a job, does not want to pay for it with his own money any more because everyone else is getting money from their parents. Also they are starting to practice less and less because the drummers schedule is getting more and more busy. While that is happening the guitarist and vocalist/guitarist are starting to change styles without even telling the drummer. They are starting to go more melodic death metal, metalcore, symphonic metal, and a little progressive. Well when the drummer was told this he laughed in their faces at putting "cheesy" keyboards into their songs. The drummer wants more technical death and grindcore type songs.

Now they are split between the drummer and the two guitarists. The thing is that both groups are asking for my opinion on what to do! For some reason they respect me and see me as a good musician. Im not that good but i will say that their skills are deffinately not the best i have seen. The thing is that i am considered the "metal" kid and i am considered "cool" because of that. I originally told the guitarists about how i wanted the symphonic, melodic, progressive death metal type music for my band and now all of a sudden they want to do it. Some other things are the fact that the guitarists think that they can sweep makes them better than everyone else. The drummer also thinks that he is fantastic and wants to get the band going so that he can finally get an endorsment deal. I think that they are all big headed and need to talk to each other about what they each want to do instead of talking about each other behind their backs. The reason why im in this is because were all friends and its just that this whole band thing is ****ing their friendship up. I dont want to have to choose which guys to be friends with and i dont want to see them fight but...

Anyway. What do you guys think should be done?
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You guys should all talk about the problems at hand and try to find your own sound before you label yourselves. Don't say, "I want us to be melodic death metal". Just play together and see what comes out. If any of you are worth your salt, you'll like the result.
definatly just play and see what comes out. i was gonna play hardcore with my band and now were a decent acoustic band instead because we sound better like that and like it more lol
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In my band I'd like to play doom metal, or screamo. We aren't good enough for either. We just sort of turned into an Alt Metal/Post-Grunge group. I'm cool with that. Just let things happen dude.
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I'm about to start a band with some friends, and I'm pretty sure it is going to turn out badly. The other guitar player just started a couple of months ago, and the bass player started around the same time. Me and the drummer are the only ones with experiance. It should be fun being in a band and jamming again, thats the only reason I'm doing it.
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Just to let you guys know. Im not in their band. Their the ones that are in the band and getting ****ed up. Im just worried that this stupid band thing will break their friendship.
"My strength is my determination" - Randy Rhoads (1956-1982)

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Life is not an isolated moment, so don't live it as such.

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art rock? isn't all rock art?
band with your friends = bad

Maybe because they respect you, you can get them to stop fighting over it?