I know its normal for a neck to bow. But my brothers breedlove has recently equired a Sideways bow. as if you put a straight edge along the side of the neck...youd notice it wasnt straight. It was probably the humidity in my brothers basement that did it... but i would like to know what youd think it would cost to fix it. or do i need a brand new neck. thanks guys.

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I don't see how they could fix a sideways bow.

I think you'd need a brand new neck but chances are you won't be able to get the old one off without wrecking the guitar. Unlike electrics the necks are 'built' into the body, and although you could get it off it'd be a gigantic pain in the arse and it'd be very expensive. A luthier would have to do it and I'm only guessing but it'd probably cost more than the guitar is worth.

I just found a site which says that in the best case scenario, with a simple dovetail joint, the labour costs alone would be about $300. And that doesn't include the neck itself, you'd have to buy that. So I don't know, $500 best case scenario?

Might be totally wrong of course.
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