!!!!!!!!!! CRIT FOR CRIT !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys, this here's a remake of one of the songs off of the concept album I was working on last year.

This new version's a little more Hi Fi, and I've been using all my new pro tools tips and techniques.

I think that it does sound quite asian!

Do me a favour by throwing some comments at me, and I will crit you back a long, technical and fruitful post back. Be sure to link back to your thread!

You can also listen to this from my UG profile!

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Listening now... cool little intro. I think some of the notes you have cchosen here are not in key with the rest of the song(for the leads) Its got that kind of dire straits feel to it which is awesome haha. Its really catchy hiroshima hiroshima hiroshimaaaa, your voice(im assuming its yours) is cool, very unique. The harmonica adds an awesome feel to it.

Overall man good stuff, the guitar could use a little work with staying in key though. But its catchy as hell man thats awesome. Thanks for your suggestions by the way
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Originally the intro was just a tuning up piece, but it turned into a landscape of cacophony as the tracks got layered.

I'm tempted to cut that section out!
i really enjoyed that

yea the intro sounded kinda off at some points but the song was kool, the vocals gave it an eerie feel to it, if thats wht you were going for then sweet

it was like a mix between Dick Dale(guitar) and the B-52's(Vocals) which i think is awesome


Rlly cool stuff man! The vocals actually grew on me and its pretty catchy! Keep it up.
that was... strange, very good atmosphere and loved the eerie effect and yeah yeah the intro was shaky w/e... u used pitch shifter for the chorus??... would like to listen to the rest of ur little album, gj freaky bro
i like the bass. really nice job with the harmonica sounds. i think the lead guitar tone could have more bite. i love vocals. drums are really cool. i like the lyrics as much as i did when you did this song first. good job
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^ yeah, I used a fender strat with .11s to get that twanging sound. I think it turned out a little thin though.

Maybe I should have stuck to the les paul...

There's no pitch shifter in the chorus, I sang a backing vocal in a falsetto voice.

Thanks for the crit guys, keep 'em coming!
I quite like it very well produced. No noise very clean and twangy. I may have to disagree with some ofthe posts before I thought the guitar sounded fine even if the notes were out of key it added something extra. It sometimes nice to add abit of colour like that to the melody rather than staying rigidly within the key all the time. But the guitar could do with a bit more bite it feels a bit thin. And yeah the hiroshima hiroshima was very catchy and sounded great with the backing vocals and the southern accent makes the vocals sound even better :P Overall great job keep it up and I hope the resto f the album is just as good

haha that was very different. I got kind of an 80's feel, the cure, joy division with the vocals. The lyrics didn't do too much for me. But hey it's what you want to feel so I respect that. I thougt the guitar and vocals were extremley catchy. Somthing you'd want to get the **** out your head but you kind of like it there. Other than the recording feeling a little to black and white. It was pretty good.

if you have the time.
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