Hey guys need some help. My computer got really ****ed so im trying to system restore it but when i go to start, then all programs, the all program side bars wont show and thats the only way i know on how to system restore. And all my files/programs show the broken icon symbol. And when i click on a file, it says "Windows doesnt know how to open .ink file blah blah blah". The only way i can open Mozilla is if I run AIM. AIM, MSN and Guitar Pro are the only working programs.
Go to control panel>power options>on the left there is a system restore thing.
Click it.
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Get a new computer. Let Micro$oft steal a couple hundred extra dollars from you for Vista. Then you can complain on UG about how much Vista sucks.
You can also probably use Start>Run>command, but I don't know the command code for system restore.
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Go to control panel>power options>on the left there is a system restore thing.
Click it.

Not there :\

Im also running Windows XP.
Just try rebooting your computer is rapidly press F8 or something to go into Safe Mode... It should ask you to do a restore
Damn, system restore didnt do a damn thing. Even in Safe Mode I still got the same problem. Couldnt get the All Programs panels to show, and alot of stuff show the damn Mozilla sign on a white paper icon lol.

EDIT - I figured out that the files that wont open are Shortcut files, but when you go to the original file it works. Weird.....need a fix.
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