Sup to all ye guitar folkians, here to spread the joy that is my noob EVH strat, who doesnt love a good Van Halen job?
I'll give you the low down about the guitar before I had my way with it.( I dont have any pics of it before, but I'm sure if you really want to see it you can google it)
It started life as a ****ty black Nova that my girlfriend gave me(cheep canadian sears brand strat copy), 22 frets, im pretty sure the body is plywood ahah, it has a hum and a single with tone/volume/3 way switch, and ....thats about it.
Nowwwwww for the low down of it.
It stilll is a ****ty Sears strat copy, which is made of plywood and would probably make a better paperweight than a guitar but I ripped the pickguard off, made one out of tin, glued the pickups in and gave it a suprisingly decent Van halen paint job, and even more suprising when I strung it up it actually sounded pretty good.
and thats it. Enjoy!

EDITT: ok I finally got pictures up and I know people will comment on it so I'll clear it up now, yes I know the pickguard looks f'ed up, the tins got glue on it, I was going to paint it black but I got ahead of myself, but the black will come!
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ahah still working on that, Im an idiot and cant get them uploaded, give me a min
evh paintjobs are pretty sweet nice job painting ... i m about to build a delay pedal and i plan on painting it rasta-evh
now you need to cut a whole for the 3rd pickup >: ) and have nothing there, just some wires haning out like the org. frankin, lol
ahah i dont trust my putting a hole in a guitar, I already did to that one ahah. while I was trying to figure out a way to put the pickups in I tried nailing one in and went through the body and went into the table it was on ahah I didnt know untill i tried to pick it up and I was like wtf?? so now I'm passing the hole off as "personality"
Noo not personallity!!! sorry for spellage. It's call a speed hole, Makes your metal licks faster!. lol, it allows airflow to get to your picking hand. cooling it off and reducting the thermal breakdown! Sounds logical and scientific enough to make people drill wholes in there guitars... <-- please don't listen to me, and don't drill holes in your guitar. I'm just rambling on! -->
You might want to line the humbucker up better with the strings.

Aside from that, it looks good.
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Quote by Will_Minus
You might want to line the humbucker up better with the strings.

Aside from that, it looks good.

What he said....it will help tighten up the sound on the lower strings
I like the tin pickguard, and the little piece on the horn, paint looks nice to

BTW: how's the neck I sold you?
the necks just fine, waiting on a floyd for the body first, then it'll all come together..well...I need to buy one first

edit: BAHAHAHAH!! omggg I must of been on crack when I put those pickups in, you guys are totally right ahaha the humbucker is wayyyyy off ahaha damn.... thanks for pointing that out though (:
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