My USB portals at the back of my CPU will not work at all. It is not recognizing some stuff. My printer and my cellphone are getting recognized, but my USB mouse, MP3, and webcam do not work. Searching it on google came up with ppl saying that my PSU ( power supply ) is weak and sometimes cuts off the power even if i select "no cutting power" in the device manager. My computer is a Elitegroup (ECS) K7S5A model, and im getting quite pissed that i cant send any songs into my MP3. I do not think its software problem, probably something in the BIOS or the Registry. If you guys know how to fix this problem, or at least give me some suggestions, any help would be appreciated. Thx
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Apparently your Universal Serial Busses aren't universal enough...
Do you have Windows XP SP1?
I think that in SP1 there was an issue, that for some reason the PC got "used" to some USB hardware, and you had to change the socket for it to work.

Ask in some hardware forum. I think that you will get better help than here.

Alright. I think i might know whats up. If its like on the case or something some connector might have gone bad. Open up the computer and check the mobo. if that doesnt work. Try a reformat. it will take about 4 hours if you dont wander off.
I really doubt that formatting the hard drive is necessary...

If it's that bad just buy another set of 4 USB-2 slots, it's only like £5 and they are easy enough to install.

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