hello folks,

i have a gibson LP custom 1979-80 model.
i would like to put some prs santana zebra coils in it.
i have found schematics and wiring diagrams for both the guitar and pickups.
i was just wondering, has anyone done this conversion ?
can anyone give me any advice on the subject ?
i live in sydney australia and the pickups are on there way from the u.s. so i was looking for any help or advice in putting these in.

I say take it to a local guitar tech. He should be able to do it.
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Sounds like an interesting project. I'd love to get your thoughts once you've completed the mod.
guitar techies are really expensive here.
thats why i was hoping to do it myself.
about 10 years ago i put a 70's dimarzio super distortion in the treble position and that was pretty easy, sounds beautiful but after playing a friends prs santana i decided if i cant afford the guitar i will definetly get the pickups.
i will see how it goes, if its too much technical work i will try and find a techie to do it but the prices are very high.
It's really, really easy. You just have to unsolder a few wires, put the new pickup in and solder the wires back. If you want more info, there's a sticky in the Gear Building and Customizing forum.
thanks mate, i checked it out and it looks easy its just im not sure on how many wires come out of the prs pickup (i get the pickups in 3 weeks,they are coming from the states) and what each wire is for.
when i did my dimarzio pickup it had four wires coming out of it, but the standard les paul pickup has only one.
i'll see how i go.
got the pickups, they are single wire pickups like the standard les paul pickup.
should go in no problems.
now i just gotta make some time to put these suckers in !
i also measured the pickups, the bass pickup is 7.37 k ohms and the treble pickup is 9.86 k ohms.
the treble pickup uses a ceramic magnet and the bass pickup uses an alnico magnet.
finally put them in, what a difference !
its still has that gibson sound (warm and bassy) but it now has heaps more mids and trebles along with awesome clarity and sustain that goes on forever.
im definatley happy with them, i have been playing it everyday now instead of my usual once every 1-2 weeks,im a happy boy thats for sure.
mate, i was wondering if you put in a PRS 5-way toggle switch? if you hav, how does the wiring go?