How would I go about recording some guitar stuff? Ive been writing alot recently and wanna get it all recorded. Does anyone know anything cheep that I can do to get decent sounding recodings without spending a **** load at a studio?
lol i put a mic in front of my amp and use audacity... thats pretty cheap
I bought a $150 Dollar 4-Track digital recorder online, Itz a ZOOM mrs-4b

sounds good.
well my friend got us a professional studio rented out in a couple weeks for nearly free but i'm pretty sure that doesn't happen everywhere..i'm not sure how much most places cost
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Quote by neptune1988
I use the Line 6 Toneport.

+1 for toneport

I recommend using a mic (SM-57), toneport's mic feature,and then use the recording program on your computer compared to just using Toneports guitar presets.
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toneport is in fact genius and amazing
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lol i put a mic in front of my amp and use audacity... thats pretty cheap

You think that's cheap, I use the inbuilt mic on my laptop! It sounds really horrible. :P
I bought a 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor and run from the headphone/line out on my amp to the mic input on my compy...
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