Anyone know a good one? the new Roland sounds good but seems mostly classical instrument choices. So is there any? Something thatll make it sound like Hocico, Psyclon Nine and Orgy?
you should be able to download lots of diffrent synth patches for almost any synth
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Are you taking guitar about the roland VG99. Don't buy it unless you have Godin with a 13 pin connection. Please don't install a synth pickup, they never work properly. But I heard the tracking on Godin guitars is perfect. And you should get unlimited tonal possibilities!
no I was talkin about the Gr-20. I dunno if its new or not buts its their only on the website.
Thanks Ill check it out and thanks about the heads up on the synth pickup
so if i get a Godin and The VG99 I should be all set? What would work good on my Ibanez?
Does your Ibanez have 13 pin connection? If it doesn't then you would have to install a synth pickup, but they never work properly.
The pickup has only very little impact on tracking, a piezo-like midi pickup will only be slightly better than a usual pickup.
The converter is much more important, and the Axon AX100 MKII is better than the VG99. In fact, I don't know any better product (apart from the SynthAxe. But good luck finding one and affording it).
^ seconded.

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You can also buy a regular synth with an audio input, that's what a lot of Dance-Punk (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem) outfits do and it sounds really good. Someone can still play the synth too, and you can even use seperate oscs and filters if you get a good one. That's pretty pricy though.