Hey guys.

So, at college, I'm doing computer science and my class this semester deals mainly in Java. In the labs at school, we work on Linux machines and I can run things through the terminal. However, I want to be able to write and test programs out on my Windows machine in my room, so I don't have to go to the lab whenever I want to work on a project or something. I've been using an IDE (called NetBeans or something, it came with the Java JDK when I downloaded it), but I don't really like that type thing and it also really limits what you can do at the command line (args and getting input from a file/sending output to a file).

However, the problem is, I don't know how to do this. Is there a way to run from the terminal in windows? (I tried the same javac/java commands from the linux/macs I used before and it didn't work) If not from the windows terminal, is there some other way I could do this?
oooh... i've done java in my high school for 2 full years... one year of vb before that... we're finally using java gui's YAY
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u sed they run linux on the computers they use?

would using a live CD be a viable option?

^^^ no

^^I'm not having a problem with writing code. I'm having a problem with running it. For example, in the lab on the linux box, I can just be in the terminal and type "javac" then (assuming it compiles properly) "java filename < input.txt > output.txt" and my program will run, receiving input from input.txt and outputting to output.txt- I can't do that in the IDE I'm using (and I can't in any of the other IDEs I've seen). I also can't do command line args.

^So, I could put that on a CD, pop it into the CD tray and it'll run that Linux distro over top of the Windows that's running already? Or do I put it on a cd, restart, and boot from the CD?
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The best thing I've come across for java programming is getting a Unix emulator, like cygwin (make sure to include the emacs package and any other relevant ones you can spot). Then just write your programs in emacs, javac them and then run. For some reason I never got javac to work properly on the command line in windows.
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