I think you rely on peddles and FX too much in Osa, really simple stuff that didn't go anywhere. Don't get me wrong it started cool, but I was just waiting for that amazing chorus or w/e to punch in.

Nebulus took too long of a break, like it fell in a hole and couldn't get out, it never returned to that high power beginning sound you had. Remember, dynamic and flexible makes a song interesting.

Your main problem is really, your stuck in the what I call "riff wash" you keep writing short 1 minute songs that in themselves don't travel far, which is good... if your writing music for a TV show.. but you are not, your an artist so your music should be more various and a tad longer.

Just so you know also, There are 3 types of CDs..

-Single: When an artist releases a single or 2 songs on a CD for promotion, 5 - 10 minutes

-EP (Extended play): Around 6 songs, good for a first album. 15 - 30 minutes

-Album: Usually 12 or so songs, 36 or so + minutes long
Critting at I listen...

Osa was a cool intro...there were some times when the delay and picking weren't perfectly in time, biut not too bad at all...after the intro, well...the whole song was an intro...it felt like it need to break into something...i got bored after about 30 seconds of hearing the same delayed guitar.

Nebulus would benefit a lot by just having some simple keys or pads or just weird noises in the background...just to keep it interesting...lots of dead space...too much...the riffs at beginning and end are cool...but the middle part is too long, and not very interesting.

Mysterium and Mysterio have too similar names! Change one or your fans will get confused!

I like the beginning of Chilly...I like how it builds as new things come in...it's a bit short...did you just run out of things to make it interesting?

None of your songs really have a chorus...or a section of the song that is different...they all seem like the same thing is happening during the entire song...mix it up, have a section that uccures in the song once or twice that is different, a new flair...i know that would keep me more interested.

Also, drums and vocals would really make these 100x more interesting.

Good luck!
alright thats really good feedback as well, although some of it doesn't apply.
im not flaming or anything, but for 1, we are post-rock, which means abandoning traditional verse chorus verse song structures, and two, although i didnt mention this, we are instrumental.