Greetings. I work as a music therapist in a psych hospital and I am looking for more songs to use in lyric discussion with the patients. So...

What songs really make you think?

For me to be allowed to use them, they can't be very crude, disrespectful, or have explicit lyrics.

Thanks in advance!
I'd say a lot of stuff by porcupine tree. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here is an epic with awesome lyrics. same with Anasthetize. they're long songs though.
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lol jsut joking......try "Safe and Sound" by Chris Cornell
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All along the watchtower.....but Jimi was probably high when he wrote it so it doesn't have to make sence
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altitudes by jason becker, I know, no words, but maybe if you explain his life it'll make sense.

when the brake man turns my way by bright eyes is good too
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Colma by Buckethead. The entire album. He wrote it for his mother when she was in the hospital. The songs are just great.
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All along the watchtower.....but Jimi was probably high when he wrote it so it doesn't have to make sence

Bob Dylan wrote the song, Jimi covered it. However the cover is the much better version.
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^all along the watchtower was bob dylan's song that jimi covered in his own style.. porcupine tree and dredg have some interesting concepts. i'd say the new btbam songs, because they seem to have more positive lyrics in general, but i'm not sure if there's any profanity or not. just a thought.
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Alot of songs by Tool.

"wings for marie" and "10,000 days" in particular would be good, especially since he's atheist/occultist... read the lyrics and you'll understand. they're about his late mother, btw.
any prog band, basically. they tend to have good, thought-provoking lyrics. opeth ("night and the silent water", "drapery falls", anything really. pretty dark/bleak though.), porcupine tree, rush, etc.
Most Panic! At the Disco songs (seriously). They don't really make you think about life, but more about the songs themself.
meant to live - switchfoot

also, I think alot of pink floyd of pink floyd lyrics would be good

btw, about what age range are your patients?? it would help when recommending songs: (ie, it would be bad for us to reccommend heavy stuff if all your patients are senoirs...)
2112 by Rush is a very intelligent song, but I don't know if that's the kind of thing you're looking for...
Wow, great suggestions so far! I have a lot to look up and read/listen to. As far as the age range of my patients, they range from adolescents (16-19) to seniors (80+), so a lot of it is fair game for me to look at. In response to dysonsphere, the kind of things I'm looking for are songs that have a theme good for discussion, or that tell a story the patients might connect with.

A couple of examples of some songs I use that some of the patients request:
Hurt - Johnny Cash
Fast Car -Tracy Chapman
Cat's in the Cradle

But I'm always looking for more. Keep em coming!
All along the watchtower.....but Jimi was probably high when he wrote it so it doesn't have to make sence

Hahahah. The original rocks hard too.

Lots of Dylan stuff, how about "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding?"
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Hurt - Johnny Cash
*Hurt - Nine Inch Nails

try something like H. by Tool - as MJK once intro'd the song: its about making a decision, and you have a friend at each shoulder, giving you advice, on what they think is best for you. but they're both giving opposing advice, and not really understanding whats truly best for you, so in the end it comes down to you, you have to make the decision for yourself.

Prison Sex is another good one. its about recognising a cycle of abuse - recognition is always the first step. and once you have recognised and isolated that cycle, you can analyse whether you have succumbed to the cycle, if you have grown from the abusee into the abuser, or whether you can break the cycle.
Rush songs make you think, so does Pearl Jam.
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The Trees by Rush, great big metaphor about life,

obviously Stairway To Heaven, search it on songmeanings.net , then tell me there's nothing to discuss, because there's well over 1000 posts.

Skynyrd- All I can Do Is Write About It

Comfortably Numb, The whole Dark Side of The Moon album, Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd

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This is your Life by Chemical Brothers (It's one of the Fight Club movie themes)

And alot by A Perfect Circle (The Outsider, Passive, Pet, etc.) However they are kinda depressing...
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This is the second thread in a row I've posted about the same song; but I think Aqueous transmission by Incubus would be a good bet;

it's made up around strings, Brandon Boyd's vocals and A pipa; which has a nice relaxing sound; and the whole song focuses on (in my interpretation anyway) about letting go and finally admitting you have emotions that you've held in; but letting them out will make you feel better... I can't really explain much better than that; but it is a very relaxing song; I have it on a playlist I put on while I'm going to sleep.
Thanks again to all who have been contributing - there's so many songs out there, it's great to check out some new things.
Quite a few of the doors songs make me think, along with hotel california by the eagles