I dont know what humbuckers to get on my guitar. I want a sound like pantera or Master of puppets era metallica, thick crunchy, really good for metal and thrash. Would an SH4 and SH2n Seymour duncan combination do it for me? and also what single coil should i put between them, seymour duncan only
I don't know man, I've never played on duncans, But you might get more of a responce in the Modfication section. Considering it is for a custom guitar.
The SH4 does everything...it is my favorite pickup...the sh-2n sounds nice also...i have no idea on the single coil...because I hate them
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do you need a single coil?
i use a jb in the bridge and a jazz in the neck and it nails megadeth and metallica stuff. idk bout single coils though... just keep whichever one is in it n dont use it
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well guys, i want the single cuz i do play other kinds of music, and i like a strat tone. does anyone have a suggestion?
Perhaps some Hot P90's. Lot's of thick crunch and still a single coil.
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