So lately I've been listening to a lot of Michael Manring solo looped stuff, and it's really got me wondering what kind of loop pedals he uses. I'm really interested in doing some stuff like that live, so a recording program is out of the question.

Anybody know good loop pedals? Price really doesn't matter, since I won't be buying it off the internet, and I'm going to try it out in stores if I can find it, so it might be a while before I even get to try it.
i got the digitech jamman about a month ago and it's really nice. it runs for about $300, but it's well worth it. there's also a boss one that's about $250, but everywhere i looked people were saying that the jamman is far superior, i don't remember why though, but check out google.
kinda off topic but... are guitar loop pedals the same as bass loop pedals?

oh yeah and loop pedals are hecka cool
The BOSS RC-20XL could be an option - I've heard a cellist use it, and it sounded pretty good.

I've been looking into buying one of these as well, but I really can't commit to paying $300+ for a pedal.

EDIT: And yes, you can use guitar loop pedals for bass.
The best common one on the market right now is the http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Boss-RC50-Loop-Station?sku=151044 Boss RC-50. To get a Michael Manring type set up would be probably well over $1000 maybe $2000. He must have ****loads of pedals and boards and rackmounts, to achieve that. The other option is maybe a Boss Gigidelay. It has sixteen seconds of loop time if you just want to record small bits. I also am looking for a loopstation and right now I'm just looking at the RC-2 for money purposes. Still out of my range though.