I just started playing and i still havent figured out the finer points of technique.

When i play simple chords such as

It's easier to mute the strings at the second frets just by gently lifting off them but the open string never muts properly, and even when i gently lay my fingers on it, i still get sound coming out, kind of like a harmonic. If i press any more i fret it.

Is there some vital piece im missing here?

EDIT: i should clalify that i dont mean palm muting, i mean when im switching chords or positions
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Play the chord then use two or three fingers across all three strings to mute them. It covers enough of the strings to eliminate the harmonics from ringing.
So you're saying use the rest of my free hands when i shift as well? That probably would make sense. Do you do this for all riffs/chords with open strings?
Yeah, I do anyway. Maybe my technique is wrong but the only other way I mute strings for pick scrapes without using most of my fingers is sometimes I palm mute the strings while pick muting. It's not as chunky but it usually doesn't allow any extra ringing to take place.
dont worry about open strings ringing when your switching chords, just switch chords. your playing will work its self out.
if it is happening at when you'r muting the chord you described it may be because you'r hitting the harmonics at the 2nd fret......... they'r usually quite hard to sound on the thinner strings unless you'r aiming to do it but it is a posibility............
Not if im going from

Then i just get this horrible sound coming out. Thats just an abstract example im using,
use your thumb to mute the E in a situation like that, its something youll pick up on as you play.
My hands are not gigantic meat hooks. If im using my fingers to play high it doenst hook over the top
Most of the time on stuff like that the top of my finger will mute the first string.Its just somthing you'll pick up and not know it.
use the palm of your picking hand, and like another guy said don't worry about it that much, it will eventually work itself out, and you won't even have to think about it.
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Yeah, there are several ways and there is no "right way" (but there is a wrong way). Use available fingers on the fretting hand or use the picking hand as you see fit. I do both depending on how busy either hand is at the time.
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use the palm of your picking hand ...

... and mute at the bridge.