Alright I own a Telecaster and i've found I have alot of problems compared to my friend
i can do them fairly well on the E b and G strings, and usually on the higher frets 12+
and Can't do them on the E or the A to save my life And I sometimes get the D
And i find it hard to do them on the lower frets

But my friend finds it easier to do them on the E, A , and D, and he finds it easier to do it on lower frets

Could it just be my rig?
Do you have it on your bridge pick up? Treble and gain up? You probably just need to practice more. I personally have to really knick it hard with my thumb to get it to ring.
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I have it on the bridge pickup and i've found the sweet spot and i make sure to put the treble to max and gain to max..
I'll try knicking my thumb on it harder
the 'sweet spot' as you say is in a different place for pinch harmonics at the lower frets and on different strings......... u'l just have to practice more.......... but if you can at least do some pinch harmonics you'r halfway there
If your tele has single coils in the bridge it will be harder to squeal, remember there is more than 1 sweet "spot" if you pinch along the scale between the last fret and the bridge when the gtr is unplugged you should hear the harmonic notes, if you can hear the overtones then this will tell you that it is the pick up
yeah try picking other places behind or infront of the pick up. and also try bending the string before you make a pinch harmonic. i like practicing like that on lower frets
alright noted, and i left out the part about me knowing where the *general* sweet spot is on my guitar i can pinch harmonic on any string and the sweet spots are like 1 inch behind my neck pickup....but they don't sound thatt good and their pretty hard..that and the action on my guitar is sickly High
Sir, if it pleases you, I could make a video showing you how to pinch out an open string.
I will, in fact, by monday, make you a video.
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Sweet thanks
I think you do it by pinching it and then vibrato the string using the string behind the nut just push it down
but a video would be nice