In December I'm moving from the bay area of California which has a lot of great clubs and bands to Miami and I have no clue what the scene is like over there.

Does anyone know some of the clubs that have punk and hardcore shows down there? I tried looking on google but couldn't find anything.

Thanks a lot for any information, I couldnt imagine being without live music.

Miami had an amazing scene all throughout the 90's due to Hurricane Andrew destroying property values making it cheap for punks to live there.

Some great bands from then were, Chickenhead, Dravis Brown and the Smoke Asses, The Drug Czars, The Stun Guns, ****boyz, Shotwell, the Funyons (who moved to the Bay Area and are now called the Onion Flavored Rings, talk to Steve or Eric, well he's in NY right now so you can't, about what florida was like then, I'm sure they have interesting stories).

But around 2002, property values skyrocketed and Miami was cool for yuppies to move into so everyone moved out to like San Fransisco and Chattanooga.

There's not much going on there any more but I've seen flyers for a Drug Czar show once every blue moon.

It's kinda sad, some of my favorite bands are from Miami.

But, Orlando is really close and there's a great punk scene there and if you like doing weekend drives Gainesville is always a good time.

Go to the Fest!
whyvern, thanks man. im definitely planning a lot of weekend trips to orlando already for wakeskating so ill be sure to check out that scene.

im definitely going to miss the SF and east bay punk/hardcore scene but i cant wait for the florida wake scene.
somebody i know is from there and they say Dolphin Splatter is a good band outta there... check out their myspace or something, its more of like metal/thrash but its still funny as hell.

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Northern Florida is a big indie scene, southern Florida is mainly a hardcore scene.
I know a bunch of clubs/bars/venues in tampa/st. pete area, no clue about miami.
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