It's midnight and I still have two chapters in my history book to read. I spent too much time playing guitar today. I'm wondering if it's a good idea to practice guitar while reading.

Would it help at all to practice scales up and down while I read? Of course, it'll make reading much easier, especially when I'm dead tired. Anyone else ever do this?
personally i can play scales subconsciously so doing em while reading is no problem. If you want just do a short riff to help somthing you need like a good alternate picking riff and do it a bunch of times til u can do it without looking and just try to make it so you can do ti without realizing it while reading
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yeah i had a mate who would put his history book on his music stand while he practiced his drums....... blew my mind wen i was a n00b but yeah i spose it is a good idea.....
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you made me remember i had homework
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In future you are going to have to find a balance. Make a schedule. I get home from school around 3. I spend an hour helping at home getting lunch ready etc. Then I do my homework. By the time I'm finished it should be 6 or 7. Dinner time. 8 o'clock I have loads of time for my guitar practice and the computer. It just becomes routine.
I like the idea of playing scales whilst reading..
Maybe you could make up a system
Major scales= history
Minor scale= math
pentatonic scale= english

I'm pretty sure it would help you remember things in an exam too
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Its a very good idea i think. Im gana give it a try
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I can't believe anybody is actually suggesting you do that. Doing two things at once means you're not paying full attention to either. Your homework is the same as practicing, you're practicing to learn the information your teachers want you to learn so you can get decent grades and not have to tell the guy at a job interview you failed algebra...

Do one at a time, and pay attention to each. Anyone who says it's ok to do both at once is giving you bad advise. Trying to read while you practice guitar you're either wasting your time doodling on guitar or glancing over the words and wasting your time trying to read. Probably both, not getting much out of either. I don't read while I practice, never did, or watch TV (I don't watch TV anyway), or talk to someone, or anything else. At most I listen to a CD or tape of a song I need to learn for a band and play along or shut it off and try to play it by memory. Trying to do anything else and my concentration is out the window.

When it's time to do homework, do homework. When it's time to practice, practice. It's called DISCIPLINE...one of the very important things you'll need on the job, in a band, practicing, sports, almost anything you do. When you do homework you need to concentrate on it, when you practice, concentrate on practice and don't let anything distract you. It would really suck to get onstage and start into a song and suddenly you're under pressure and can't remember the chord changes or lyrics to a song you were supposed to have down a month ago. I'd fire you for that if it happened a couple of times and I found out you were trying to read or watch TV while practicing, it's the same as not practicing at all.

Bottom line, don't even think about it, give each your undivided attention. You need your practice, you need your education. The idea in both cases is to learn, you don't learn if you're distracted. Be glad I didn't spot any spelling mistakes in your post, I'd really be on your case...I'd know you were playing guitar while you were supposed to be learning to spell...
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