Ok, first off id just like to say that i wasnt sure on where to put this thread so thats why i posted it in the pit.

Anyways, Its nearly the school holidays, which means its time to practice guitar alot. Well the situation im in, Next term in music we are required to do a performance as our main form of assessment, which is great.

But the problem me and my friends are having is that we cant find the right song to play. Basically what we want is something without singing, as in a instrumental. It needs to have 2 different guitar parts, not the same part in different octaves or whatever. It also needs to go for at least 3 minutes, which is pretty straightforward.

So now i am turning to you, the ultimate guitar community for advice on a great song we could perform. Instrumental that is.

Also, if it helps we are kinda looking for a rock/metaly kind of song. Canon rock is the kind of thing we are after, except thats being done so we need something new.

Thanks in advance
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Technical Difficulties by Paul Gilbert

give it a shot
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Well ive had a look through those suggestions and i still havent found quite what i was looking for, orion was close though.. Any more ideas?
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Get her an Oven with a card saying 'Where's my fucking food?'
I'm guessing you did not check out Joe Satriani. Listen to the song Ice 9 or Crushing Day. Crazy good stuff. Or maybe some Steve Vai? For The Love of God?
why not turn a song into an instrumental, and whoever is playing the substitute for vocals add in some extra bits to make it interesting?

or you could try a shortened version of Orion. or sultans of swing but with no singing and extra guitar... or BASS SOLO!! or Losfer Words by Iron Maiden. or Ending Credits by Opeth.

or look up some rush songs.

EDIT: and DEFINATELY look at satriani songs.
2 different guitar parts you say. Vivaldi's Summer Theme by Children of Bodom
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