Well my friends and I are jamming regularly and although I've been playing guitar longer than they've been playing drums and bass, they're still good. The only problem is when we jam, we always sound good, but we have trouble communicating and writing stuff. We play Funk, so our stuff has a solid bassline with usually just some funky chord strumming over the top of it.

How should we go about writing stuff? I'm highly considering acquiring a vocalist because handling the vocals and guitar can be quite tough, especially when playing Funk and rapping over it. Any tips? Suggestions?

Thank you.
You should make sure at least one or two members in your band can independently write, that way they can come to a session with something to work and improve on.

Also, try and find a singer/rapper that's experienced in improvising melodies and lyrics over already written material...
There's a thread somewhere call "How do you write songs". I'd look in there, for advice.

Here's the thread, it should help.
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