So I definitely want a halfstack and while I was searching musician's friend and found the Peavey Valve King 100w All tube head and 4 X 12 Cab. Has anyone used this? It seems like an excellent deal, especially since it's 100W all tube for 900 bucks, and then all you need is a few pedals (for delay, chorus, the amp footstwitch, and maybe an octave pedal).

Give me your thoughts on this amp if you've used it please.
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The Valve King is surprisingly capable given it's price point. It's not amazing, and it doesn't do any one thing particularly well, but it is solid and very well rounded in addition to carrying Peavey's reputation for quality stuff. I personally wouldn't jump on the 4x12 as an Avatar 2x12 will sound every bit as good (if not better) while being less expensive and easier to transport, but the 4x12 is decent (again considering the price point). If your budget is dead set, then the Valve King should definitely be considered.

Don't rule out the following:

B52 AT100 (a bit more modern, and well featured)
Epiphone So-Cal (a bit crunchier but less versatile)

And especially don't rule out the possibility of a good combo.
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