so what should i get a peavey xxl 100 watt head and cab or a 50 watt marshall modern vintage combo. i play alexisonfire/parkway drive rocky/thrash/metal. thank you

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Best tip is to try them both out, preferable with your current guitar, and see which one you like most.

The XXL is pretty ****ty for it's price. The Vintage Modern ain't that good either. A Peavey 5150 would be a great choice for you.
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I own the XXL and I love it!! You know... You can hear it's solid-state... I ain't gonna lie about that, but it's THE best solid-state amp! Solid-state technology have come a long way through the years, and this amp proves there are pros with solid-state amps as well... Like the super high gain, the many voicings, reliability and sound... The Sound is actually great on this amp!