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right where it belongs - NIN
depressing but a great song in this man's opinion
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I just got into Opeth during a really bad time in my life so Opeth songs bring back a lot of memories, the lyrics don't help much either
If you're talking lyric wise, then the first one that pops in to my mind is 'Hurt' by NIN. But the Johnny Cash cover is much more chilling, it really gives the lyrics that extra oomph kinda thing, know what I mean? You probably don't, but I do, and that's what counts..

Maybe 'Yesterday' by the Beatles, as well?

Dunno. Got nothing.
Poets Of The Fall - Illusion and Dream, Dawn
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You're not brutal.

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Oh, just thought of another couple - Adam's song, by Blink 182, and Fade To Black by Metallica (obviously).

Lyrically, they both send out depressing messages, but they're both kind of beautiful songs.

But then you've got emo. And that sends out depressing messages, and doesn't sound anything near beautiful.
Props goes to the poster above who said 'Hurt' by NIN. The Johnny cash version gives me goosebumps.
Otherwise, I'd have to go for Sarah Blasko's version of 'Flame Trees' (originally by Cold Chisel), while the chisel version is still very depressing, its just a bit dated, and Sarahs vocals bring it back to the 2000's without loosing any emotion (if not adding to it).
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Gloomy Sunday..... also known as the hungarian sucide song

it wasnt depressing i downloaded it and there is WAY more depressing stuff than that.
The Noose by A Perfect Circle.
Something I Can Never Have by NIN.
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"Ride On" by AC/DC

Well, sort of. It's really sad when I think about how Bon Scott died.
I find the entire Closer album by Joy Division to be depressing.
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Here's my list of songs/albums, and why they're depressing to me:

The entire "12-Year Silence" album from Dark New Day -- I got into this album when I was in a long-distance relationship, and so did the girl I was with, so alas, all the songs remind me of her.

The whole "The Autumn Effect" album from 10 Years -- This reminds me of the first couple months of my relationship with my ex-girlfriend, because my friends were listening to it all the time, and I went and saw 10 Years with her. She hadn't gotten over her ex-boyfriend yet, and I was basically a rebound guy.

"Invisible" by The Blank Theory -- This should be a happy song, but it reminds me of the same girl as the Dark New Day album, so blah.

Pretty much anything from Rapture -- Go have a listen at
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Dream Theater- Space-Dye Vest.

I've cried to it before...
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"Ride On" by AC/DC

Well, sort of. It's really sad when I think about how Bon Scott died.


Cancer - MCR (hurts alot more if you know someone who went through what the song says)

Mad World - Gary Jules
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Death Cab For Cutie i find depressing ... like almost all of their songs xD

I like Tiny Vessels alot ... its really sad
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How to Disappear Completely, Sail to the Moon, Exit Music, Let Down, (Radiohead in general have so many songs that can mean so many things to someone at any given time)
I hate their past 2 cds even though it was their last ones but Cold-Bleed. 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage was a really good cd at the time.
Again, their first album, Dysfunction, was amazingly good, but i dissprove of their last 3 attempts from Staind.
So many Opeth songs can be the most beautiful songs you hear or the most scary songs, again, depending on your mood.
So many Alice in Chains songs will fill your void of depression--Down in a Hole, Nutshell, Shame in You, Junkhead (the irony makes it so intriguing), Frogs, Rotten Apple, and so on
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I Cum Blood - Cannibal Corpse

It's heartbreaking

It seems somebody posts that in every single "recommend a ____ song" thread.
I guess it just works on all levels...
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ok, to all the people who said "hurt" was the most depressing song...i disagree. if you listen to NIN's other works BESIDES Hurt and Closer, youll find there are much more depressing songs.

for example:
the great below, the big comedown, Im Looking forward to joining you finally, ....ya.
Gloomy Sunday.....

seriously... wiki it.

edit: beaten to it, but it still stands as statistically the most depressing song ever.
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