hey guys

i just rescently installed a sd pickup in my guitar. i installed it alright for a noobie but theres this 1 problem. its not a big issue but i dstill like to resolve it...

ok when i play a chord softly theres no crackling, just some sweet tone. but when i strike the strings real hard it makes a crackling noise. its not my amp, ive plugged my other guitar in and played some chords hard.. no crackling

so do u guys reckon it was my poor soldering? or is there something else i should check out? thanks.
maybe you have an incorrect wire soldered?
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nah im sure they r all correct

all pikcups r werking at all switches

would an exposed wire be the reaosn behind this?
It might be your new pickup that outputs a signal that's a little stronger than what the first stage of your amp can take before distorting, especially if the amp is solid-state. If it's vacuum tube, you can always get the cathode resistor changed slightly on the input tube to allow the grid to sit a little more negative respective to the signal coming from your guitar. This way, the cracking sound (I assume it's distorsion) would go for good, at least when you play on your amp.

Another way to do it would be to put a resistor in series with the input of the volume knob on the guitar to reduce the output of the pick-up. If you have access to an oscilloscope, plug your guitar to it and adjust the resistor/pot ratio until, at full volume, you get no more than 100 milliVolts peak, no matter how hard you strum.

The first step of all these methods would be to try your guitar on other amps too, just to make sure that the problem comes from the guitar itself...
thanks a lot for that info, i should really play it on some other amps- good idea
Really smiple solution: Is your pickup too close to the strings? Sorry if its a stupid question
i think the whole hting is that ur signal is clipping. turn ur input volume down.
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