What if life aint nothing but a test?

A long excruciating test,

A test that seems to never end,

And when you think the end is near,

You don’t know why you want to stay,

You don’t want to go away.

What if life aint nothing but a test?

A test that shows your pros and cons,

A test that shows your might’s and faults,

A test that shows weak spots,

It shows what you are good or bad at.

What if life aint nothing but a test?

This test determines where you go,

Will it be up the skies to meet your maker,

Or down the ground to meet grim reaper?

That you shall decide.

What if life aint nothing but a test?

There is no right and wrong,

There is no good and bad.

The choices are unlimited.

The options are just infinite

And there is a written time,

Alters from man to man,

Every human is on his own

But together you can succeed.

What if life aint nothing but a test?

A test you cannot cheat in,

A test you shouldn’t weep in.

Because it will always end,

You cannot last forever,

You cannot cheat your way out

Nor weep or be found too deep in.

What if life aint nothing but a re-test?

We have all already failed,

Not one has yet prevailed.

We are all in hell,

Waiting to be rescued,

But instead of pondering on how to pass this test,

We concentrate on wars, crime and even killing,

What may have brought us here in beginning,

What if all we need to do is stop the killing,

Stop the wars and crimes

And then we shall succeed where others all have failed?

What if life aint nothing but a test?...

Just a test, that’s all...

I started off with this,but i forgot to explain about it-
This is my first time in this forum and i don't know exactly whats going on here,so i'de like if you comment on the song^^
I Published this song about a year ago(4/9/06) but wrote it a little earlier...
I'm kind of shocked but.. I actually enjoyed this. It was fairly original which was refreshing to see.

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