Hi All
We are brainstorming for new songs to learn as a band
can anyone think of any awesome songs that have maybe been forgotten but are instantly regonisable
genre doesnt matter
male or female doesnt matter
Cotton Eye Joe
i get the impression that you are looking for a song like:
one week - bare naked ladies
a complicated song - weird al
shimmer - fuel

but other good suggestions may be:
breakfast at tiffany's - deep blue something
holy grail - hunters and collectors
tuckers daughter - ian moss (if you are australian, by any chance, this is the way to go!)
aint talkin bout love - van halen
no aphrodisiac - the whitlams
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Blitzkreig Bop - Ramones.

Radar Love - Golden Earing.
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breakfast at tiffany's - deep blue something

That is a terrible suggestion, quite frankly.
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Cotton Eye Joe

Isn't it 'Cotton Eyed Joe'?

Or is my stupidity shining through once again?
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Midnight Oil- Beds Are Burning
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