so i want to try my hand at building guitars and i think buying a carvin kit and assembling would be a good starting point has anyone tried thier kits?
a friend of mine made one of the kits. id have to say its really high quality. though before you can build, you have to finish the body and its the longest part of the entire build. so just a heads up, the rest is rather quick. though its a nice setup my friend got new pickups because the carvin ones didnt do the guitar any justice. but its a great kit, you get an awesome quality guitar if you do it right.
yeah i knew would have to finish it first but thanks so his didnt seem like the quality was seconds or something cheaper?i used to own a carvin custom and it was great i just want to use the kit to get a feel for putting together and wired before i get into cutting my own bodies etc i will probably tongue oil
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Tongue oil?

Well, I have no first hand experience with their kits, but consider this- with a Saga kit you'll almost always hear that people are swapping pretty much everything except the wood, and then they complain about the fit and such, but you'll never hear that about any Carvin kit. Some people switch their pickups, but far from all. I say that's a good sign.
tongue oil the neck lol probably stain and then clear coat the body but about hardware yea your right i have been looking at reviews it seems to be mostly pickups
P.S.- It's tung oil. Tongue oil would suck as a finish. I don't think you could lick the neck long enough to build up a proper finish.
I have a few Carvin items. I have a kit bass that I finished with tung oil and it looks great.
For the kit guitar a purchased the finished body, the neck and the Wilkinson trem as seperate items(I didn't order as a kit). For the pickups I used a Carvin M22SD for the bridge and a H22N for the neck wired to a mega-switch from Stew-mac. I also got the pickguard from stew-mac.
The Carvin pickups sound amazing. The way that I have them wired, I can get any tone I want. I also love the neck, I plan on using one on a tele build I'm doing.
Here's a pic of my kits along with my Carvin C780 jumbo acoustic and SX-50 amp.