Okay, so a week ago I got my new Epiphone SG-400 from musicians friend.
I loved it right away,
but about the third day I had it, I started to notice some buzzing on the 2nd string (B)...
And I knew that I had to gig with this guitar and I think I need some help right away.

How do I fix it??

I'm not a major guitar wiz so yeah..
So basically, only my B string is buzzing, especially when I pick from medium to heavy. If I pick light, it won't buzz.
It buzzes on open, and some random frets.
Help please?
Thanks, really appreciate it.
It could be because the slot in the nut for that string is too big. Wiggle the string a bit and see if it moves much at the nut. Or it could be a matter of neck relief, or a fret that needs cutting down.
could be a combonation of the above or even a warped neck....if you do not know what you are doing when it comes to fixing/adjusting then i would strongly suggest you take it to the guitar shop and have it SET UP, just go in and sayyou want it setup, they will nkow what you mean. If you just recently bought the guitar take it to the same shop and ask if they will do it no charge, some places offer to setup the guitar after you buy it....most do not come properly set up...should only cost about $30 if you have to pay for it
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