Anyone like this band? I have been meaning to pick their cd for ages and ages and I came across it in Oxfam for a few £'s.

Great band - better than Joy Division imo, but I like them both. 'Drawback' the 1st song on the album has wicked wicked drums.
Dude... Warsaw and Joy Division are the same band.
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...yeah I know that. But they both sound different.

Warsaw is when they were a punk band, Joy Division was more post-punk. That's why I said I prefer Warsaw over Joy Division.
I just judge Warsaw and Joy Divison as the one band myself.

Excellent eitherway.
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Oxfam is a rip off.

Warsaw are OK though, I've heard a couple of tunes.

Yeah, but it's cheaper than anywhere else, and nowhere else sells Warsaw.
It's funny cos' its usually full of used Take That and cheesy trance cd's then once every blue moon you come across something decent. Like I got a Dirtbombs cd there once.

The vinyl section is the same but it's full of 10cc and The Eagles.
It's about 5x more expensive than real charity shops, like Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation and the Spastics.

Rip awf!