im playing for almost 4 months now. now i've got a little problem.
im using 'SIT .942' strings, and my guitar is tuned to ADGCEA.
so, right now i want to tune my guitar to CGCFAD (Dropped C).
the problem is, when i tune my guitar higher, 1st string will blow up. also if i tune my guitar lower, i'm getting fretbuzz.
so, should i get new strings, or what.
could somebody explain it to me.
Tune down, raise the action.

EDIT: Or install thicker strings, tune down.
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technically speaking you should adjust the intonation etc everytime you change tunings or strings...but no one ever does....when doing dramtic changes in tuning you are applying different tension to the neck, remember it is wood and has some flex to it...this is the most likely cause of your problem...not much you can do but to get the guitar set up and deal with the intonation problems when going through different tunings
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ok, thaks guys.
i've got it now.
my problem was with the tuner, actually. i just used another tuner, and got it right.
How the hell can you play anything in A tuning with gauge 9's - do they even make a sound?
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