Hey there, Would be cool if I could get some feedback on this one

I wrote this short instrumental as a album-intro-opener kind of song.. you know, to set the mood and so on.

hopefull I will over the next weeks/months get to write some more songs for this album/project (all very focused on setting up a speciel vibe or mood).

I have included a GP5, GP4 and a midi fill in the zip.. but please use the GP files instead of the midi, course for some reason it cuts out the end with the midi fill :S.

oh and c4c.. throw a link in your post and I will try my best to give you some crit back

hope you enjoy
Tranquilized winter storm.zip
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I love the intro, but the tremolo picking in bar 20 doesn't fit, just let it ring.

I loved the bass throughout the song.

It kinda sounds like something Agalloch would play, I don't know if you've heard of them. They're really... in touch with nature, lol.

For what it was I'll give it a 8.7/10.

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thanks alot for the feedback .. When I record it, I think I will let that note just ring.. its just that the vibrato in guitarpro is kinda annoying when its used to much hehe

Nope, never heard of agalloch.. but will check them out
On the contrary, I liked the tremolo in 20, 28, 44, etc. I think slide-outs on the bass should be played more quickly, otherwise it's good, and I like the drums.

Oh, and delete bar 9 (;

Feel free to crit any of my songs, however, I haven't updated 'em in a while.
Dude, thanks for the crit!

I really like this, i love instrumentals personally - and this was as beautiful as any, but there's two things that caught me as annoying. 1. the bass

At the start when the acoustics are playing, the bass spoils it, imo.
2. The lead guitar

it harmonizes the acoustics nicely, but lay off the vibrato, and change that god damn friggin tone! xD I really hated the sound, and had to change it.

ALso, i think it could be made longer, with some different parts maybe? Otherwise it was great!
Tranquilized is a good description... very mellow up until that end. Its could probably use some more distinct parts, but the bass IS really cool.
The bass is nice, but when the Rythm distortion guitar in they it plays 16 notes and I think its to fast. Try another rythm, maybe with a little bit P.M. And I like the chord, especially the first two.
Nice song, I would give it an 7,5 out of 10.

I think you could improve this song with some powerchords and more thrashing drums at the middle, when it begins to go wilder. Maybe this whole song could become a bit wilder, because it sounds, if its leading to something big. I hope you know what I mean .


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