I'm planning to do some recording for my friend who wants it for this music vid thing for school.
I've actually got a couple of queries about it......I'm a total noob at this stuff....even after reading the FAQs........don't hate me.....

1. I'm going to be using a high quality web cam to record me playing it, while recording the sound with the digital out on my Boss GT-8. The software I'm guna be using to record it on is a program called 'Microsoft Lifecam', will I be able to use the digital out and the web cam together?

2. The editing program is 'Windows Movie Maker', It's pretty bad, so can someone suggest like...a better one that supports videos?

3. What kind of cable will I need to connect the Digital Out to my computer?

4. Is there anything else I should know about?

I'm really sorry if my questions seem stupid.

What kind of digital out is it though, S/PDIF, Optical, or is it some sort of computer interface with like USB or Firewire?