just update it? :???:
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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just update it?
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makes synchronicity between computers easier if they're using the same version of a certain software. in this case, msn messenger.

now, was there really a need for this thread?
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The previously announced mandatory upgrade for older Messenger clients has yesterday gone into effect. One last time, here's the deal:

MSN Messenger x.x or Windows Live Messenger 8.0 on Windows XP/Vista => forced upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178.

MSN Messenger x.x on Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000 => forced upgrade to MSN Messenger 7.0.0820.

Unfortunately, the tough measure has caused some frustration among Messers here and there. Some of you have a hard time breaking with MSN Messenger altogether, some fell in love with this one skin that's been discontinued, others don't want to risk losing their precious custom content, and so on. Here are some tips how to deal with the letdown, sent in by helpful Messers:

1) Those on Windows XP who were forced to install Windows Live Messenger 8.1 can just as easily uninstall it and go with the just released MSN Messenger 7.0 instead. Now go to your MSN Messenger folder (usually under C:\Program Files) and right-click msnmsgr.exe. Then under Compatibility mode, select Windows 2000 from the dropdown menu. When you launch MSN Messenger, it'll go through a short repair process and everything will run like normal again. I know, it's a bit of a step back if you were on 7.5 before, but it's the easiest and safest solution. [Thanks to Vegetable, tn201 and coch for this tip]

2) The more advanced Messer can stick to whatever version or skin he or she is using thanks to some simple hex editing. Grab an hex editor like XVI32 and search and replace the 7 in all references to your current version number to an 8 (eg. "7.5.0324" becomes "8.5.0324"). Do this with the unicode checkbox both checked and unchecked. Just be forever careful not to accept webcam session invitations from those you don't know or trust, because in theory you're still vulnerable and you can't come complaining to us nor Microsoft when things go awol [Submitted by Transient].

3) I've read a few horror stories about people who lost their collection of display pictures, custom emoticons, and other content after upgrading. To reduce the risk, backup your content first with ConCon Retriever 2.1.1. Then if turns out stuff has gone missing, you can use version 2.2.3 to restore all of it in Windows Live Messenger. You can download this excellent freeware tool here.
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The update's gonna take 2-3 hrs and till then i can't sign in...

or you could spend 2-3 hours bitching about it then wait 4-6 hours for it top install
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whys this a thread? oh and update it all there really is to do. I use the awesome windows live messenger
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i can't sign in on msn messenger until i update it... assholes!

Yeahs its balls!! I have to upgrade too but my gf can still rock the 7.5 and some other people I know....wtf?
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