Hey Fellas,

Im studying theology at college and we are writing a piece of work on a religious topic.

My topic is Religious Signs in music and just general religious reference.

I was just wondering if we could share some ideas with each other about different songs I could possible talk about. I am focusing on modern pop music. For example, the religious reference in Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah"

Share your artists/songs

Thanks In Advance

U2 has a lot of religious references in their songs. Their album 'October' being called a somewhat religious album by some, although a lot of other songs by them refer to religious stuff. For example Until The End Of The World is a reference to Judas.
There are modern Christian rock bands like Delirious?, Quench and Linchpin over here. Lots come to the Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham.

Matt Belamy from Muse is an atheist, I think. So his religion influences his lyrics.
Kanye West - Jesus Walks. (Rap)

Not exactly guitar music, but religion seems to pop up pretty often in his lyrics.
Jesus Walks, thats an interesting one...

Thanks for all the replies so far guys.

I am more interested in famous pop bands like U2( as stated above) rather then just Christian bands. As I sayed above, im more interested in famous songs rather then bands.

What about "Losing my religion"? I think that might be a good one
What if God was one of us?
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The band Live . . . well, they're hippies, to be frank. They sing about God, but they don't believe in God as a specific church or faith would; mostly they just see God in the world around them. They've got a couple of songs that might be worth checking out:

Selling the Drama
Lightning Crashes
Where Fishes Go
Lakini's Juice

They're one of my favorite bands, and their lyrics are very intriguing. A couple of those songs were pretty significant radio hits about ten years back, so hopefully they meet your popular music qualification.
Lots of Bob Dylan stuff has clear biblical connotations.

www.songmeanings.net is good for looking for song meanings and finding out what references in songs are about.
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look at some beatles music, as well as solo stuff by the members, relevant to your topic, and very popular/influencial with people
Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin have religious references, me thinks. Go to songmeanings and look that up. There are many other known bands with religious references, i just can't think of them now.

EDIT: Check out Leonard Cohen. He originally wrote 'Hallelujah' and has many religious references in his songs. For example, in the song 'The Future' - 'I'm the little jew who wrote the Bible'.
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Matt Belamy from Muse is an atheist, I think. So his religion influences his lyrics.

Lol, so he has no religion to influence him...
Atheism can be classed as a religion, as it holds a specific view as to what God is (ie, non-existent), as opposed to someone who has no religion and just doesn't care.

Also, Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love?.
Jesus- Brand New has alot of religious themes(not just the name)
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