I don't like this much myself, but I think it can improve. Be harsh. C4C

Why I prefer plastic surgery.

I dislike facial expressions.
They are given far too much
importance. You may call me bland
but not an ounce of thought would
crosses my mind if you were to do
something. I hardly understand them,
for that matter.
When I do try, I always seem to be

Too late…
You know I really liked the title .For a sec there I felt inspired like I want to write the whole piece around your title but I won’t do that unless you told me to do so

Instead of writing it from own point of view. Write it from someone else’s point of view like a girl who wanted to be a beauty queen but turned out to be very ugly. She went under knife. Hell yeah even she won the beauty contest and then the whole world started bashing her just because of what they believe was cheating. And end the whole thing by telling why, Why, why she did it and with one or two double meaning lines

As far as crit is concerned. The ending is not creating any chilling effect. And the whole thing is not really indulging me like ur previous pieces
The whole thing seems kinda awkward. The wording is strange especially in the third sentence, doesn't make a lot of sense. You could try connecting the "facial expressions" sentence with the "hardly understand them" one, because the latter doesn't make a lot of sense on it's own. (to me at least.) Another point .. the ending isn't as effective as it could have been as you didn't generate enough anticipation before it. It didn't really work because there wasn't a whole lot of useful build up. That's the way i see it. But I like the first two sentences, and the title, both great.

The one I just posted needs a comment or two! thanks. =P