I've always been perplexed/fascinated by the first little pull-off lick in Back in Black:


I can play that well enough, but I never felt satisfied that it was sounding like what Angus was actually playing. So I tried playing it a different way, and came up with this:


I think this way the first note can keep sounding while you hit the second, making a smoother sounding kind of legato thing going on. The whole lick just sounds more fluid to me.

Does anybody know for sure how Angus actually plays it? I know each and every single tab out there has it arranged the standard way. It would be nice to be able to figure it out from concert videos, but the guy moves so d@#n much (and the camera work isn't very helpful either, at least in the youtube videos I've seen ) that it's impossible to see what he's doing.

so, any thoughts?
the original lick is much easier to play tho, and the open strings on teh E and B will be sounding while you bend the G.

EDIT: and that is the original lick.

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yeah, the lick always sounded a bit off to me too! I just thought that i was playing it wrong, and that still might be the case. I guess its all a matter of opinion though...
do whatever you want. no one's going to be able to tell the difference.