ok.. i have a 62 Jaguar and a Fender Jag-Stang, and im wanting to mod them up a bit..

id like to change one pickup on the jaguar, and maybe both on the Jag-stang, or possibly just the humbucker on the Jag-stang..

but the problem is i dont really know what im looking for..

i know guitarists usually use words like warm, thick, bright.. and other terms referring to tone.. i just dont know exactly how to describe what i want to get out of the pickups.. i cant get my point across about what sound im trying to get

also, im not exactly sure what the main difference between neck and bridge pickups are (im guessing the pickups themselves are the same its just the tone you get from each location.. whats the diff?)

i play classic rock, blues, folk, and "acid rock"

im looking for something that will be bright and clear/clean at the neck (think jerry garcia), and have the bridge almost close to a blues-toneless (Claptons style of turning volume to 10 and tone to 1ish)

any answers to any of my questions would be a GREAT help.

you're right in that the bridge and neck pickups sound different due to where they are- try picking close to the bridge (unplugged), and then closer to the neck to hear the difference in tone. However, generally you put a different style of pickup at bridge and neck too- the neck pickup is louder, so generally a higher output pickup is used for the bridge to better balance out the outputs, and also most people use the bridge pickup for distortion and the neck for cleans, and this difference in outputs helps there too (generally, lower output pickups have nicer cleans, while higher output pickups have better distortion).

As for the tones you want...

best bet is, if at all possible, to try a bunch of guitars with known "bright", "warm", "hot", "low output" pickups.

For example, a duncan JB is generally considered to be bright, and it's pretty hot too. Hotter pickups will sound more compressed, and drive your amp into distortion more quickly.

A duncan '59 is lower output, and quite bright.

Something like a duncan jazz or duncan alnico II pro is low output, and warm.

a duncan invader is warm and hot (useless pickup, but you might as well try it). A dimarzio tone zone is another warm and hot pickup (not as hot as the invader though).

if you tell me which guitars you can normally get to try out locally, i might be able to give you a few pointers as to which come stock with which pickups. bear in mind the wood the guitar is made of, the hardware etc. will also affect the tone... don't expect it to sound exactly the same in your guitar, in other words.
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