I have a dunlop 535q wah pedal and i just can't seem to get to grips with it. This is my first wah and i have no previous experience of one.

My problem is when i turn it on and want to have some wah on a solo (eg Metallica - Wherever I May Roam) i press the pedal down and i get the wah thing but when i press my heel down to raise the pedal back up again, it gets to 'bassy' and the sound in comparison to the pedal fully depressed is not as 'dynamic'. In other word you cant hear very well the parts when the pedal is lifted up.

Is this my wah's problem, my technique or a setting issue. Do you have to be delicate with a wah.

Any suggestions are apprectaited.

fasel thing? Yes it does have a fasel, but i think it is always 'on'. There is no option to turn it on or off. If you mean the red button on the side, that is not the fasel, but a volume booster! I used to think that was the fasel.
On many wahs there is a "sweet spot" this is what you need to concentrate on, you can find it near the end of the sweep. So instead of rocking the pedal back and forth, concentrate on, as this is where most of the actual "wah" sound is.
yea there is a sweet spot on it and u needto find that and keeps rockin ur foot just over that bit u dont ned to tutilise the whole sweep
I have a CryBaby (95Q) and you have to learn the pedal. I had to mess around with it for several weeks before I really knew what to expect.

The previous posters are right, you have to get to know where the "sweet spot" is for any given amp setting. Once you get down where that sweet spot is, then you have to learn how to arrive at that spot quickly to get the tone you are looking for.

I have seen professional artists set a CryBaby pedal to a certain place using a piece of metal they made so they would never loose that tone. Interesting.

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Thanks guys

I was thinking that myself. When I first bought it, i thought you would simply just rock it back and forth. Again thanks. SO it isn't my pedal malfunctioning after all.