Tune a cheap Randall amp to have decent distortion to sound like it would for a good grungy metal sound that would also include some sweet kickass solos? I need to for my band and currently, I have no distortion pedals or decent amps. This is all I'm workin with.
well i started a band too last week with some friends my amp aint that good and i have a yamaha guitar that aint as good as a gibson but i have tis metal core pedal from boss and when i turn it on it sounds awsome. so just buy a distortion pedal. it aint that expansive min 70€ max 120€.
Well, assuming it's a cheap (thus a solid state) randall. I guess go for a good distortion pedal.
But don't get a metal zone, those stink. Get a boss DS-1 or maybe a digitech grunge pedal.
Call me Wes.
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But I don't have the expenses right now to afford one. Job pays junk and parents = No help so for now Im stuck with the amps actual distortion.