hey, i want to get a distortion pedal of some sort, i dont have much experiance with them, so...

I play metal/punk/rock stuff, so any ideas as to what I should try out?
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^ Multi FX pedals aren't usually that good for distortion.

TS: Check out the metal muff, Boss MT-2 and Boss MD-2.
Check the Danelectro FAB pedals: Metal pedal for the heavy stuff, standard Distortion if that's too heavy for your uses.

If you don't like them, well, they're $15 a pedal, no big loss.
thanks guys, ill look into them...
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A better amp.
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the DS-1 is like the standard starter distortion pedal. isnt anything brilliant, but its cheap and with a bit of soldering skill you can make it much better.

i would suggest not getting a multi effect or a dano pedal for your distortion needs, they leave much to be desired. if you give a budget, it would be easier to help you out cause $150 gives you way more options than $50
my budget would be about 50-100 bucks...
Guitar is LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!