so im hooked on the 900. ive been looking around craigslist, and have noticed that the 50 watters are much cheaper than the 100 watters. i originally wanted a 100 because i play in a band and like it loud... but just how much louder is the 100 over the 50? is it actually twice as loud? lol. are there any like, tonal differences or anything that make the 100 better? or is it just volume. and if it is, how much volume... the truth is ive never used a tube amp to practice in the band before, just for recording. and i know a 50 watt tube is going to be much louder than a 50 watt ss. i guess im just wondering if i can save myself some money on the 50 watt if i dont necessarily need 100. but if there is a significant difference, i'd rather pay extra and go all the way.

'preciate it dudes.
theres not much difference in output between a 50 watt valve amp and an 100 watt one. about 3 db i think it works out to be. the difference is head room. so how hard you have to turn it up before it starts distorting.
dude, you will not need 100watts. the 50 watt one will shake your house
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but as for gigging goes. small venues wont mic the amps and drums, so will 50 watts shake a venue?
^Pretty much. It will be easier to crank a 50 watt over a 100 watt amp, so think about that too. ALOT easier.
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do you mean distorting in a good way a poopy way

He means in a really power tube delicious way.
yup. the 50 watt will break up (in a GOOD GOOOD GOOD OOOOOGODOGOD way) at a lower volume compared to the 100. The 100 will be unbearably loud trying to find that sweet spot.
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