Hey all. I posted THIS THREAD yesterday about my blown out Princeton.

Well I got a new fuse and the amp is working again. However, the chorus channel doesnt work. It DOES work when I use the headphone jack, but not out of the normal speakers. This probably has something to do with the fact that I had to unplug the speakers to open up the amp. When I hooked the speakers back up, I must have done it wrong. It's just weird. The amp plays fine, with both speakers working, but the (stereo) chorus just doesnt come on.

Any ideas? I can take pics later if needed.
There may be seperate fuses for each seperate section? Have a route around or email a tech they may be able to point you in the right direction

EDIT: I just checked your other thread, and a brightflash you say? Can you describe it anymore? It would seem like it sounds like something more serious may have blown, if there aren't any fuses inside the thing well i guess you should take it to a tech, or at least apply for their help, even if you're broke and it takes a while
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Well there's only one fuse in the amp. And once I replaced it, the amp came back to life completely. So I'm pretty sure thats what the problem was. Nothing else inside the amps looks fried and I made sure nothing was damaged.

I'm completely convinced that its a connection problem. Because why else would the chorus work through the headphones, but not the speakers?
thats gotta be wireing.
unless you put the wrong type of fuse in ?
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