ok so i hooked up my digitech deth metal dist. pedal to my guitar with a 15ft cabl, then i hooked up my pedel to my amp with a 6inch fender electrovolt cable. they are plugged into the right input and output on my pedal, that, i am sure of. but since the 6inch cable is so small, i have to put it on top of my amp becuz it wont reach the ground. when i turn on my amp, all i hear from the pedal is a constant screeching noise.i i am getting a new cable soon(larger one), but is my pedal sitting on top of the amp is whats causing the problem?

thx in advance
it's possible that, that is the case, but ive never put a pedal on top of an amp before, it could just be that one of the cables is ****ty...try plugging your guitar into the amp with the 6inch (i know youll have to stand mad close to the amp) but if you get that noise again it may just be that little cable.
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It may be a bad cable, the fact it's so close [probably the main thing actually although try it switched around, like put the guitar on the floor etc next to the pedal] or it's just you're getting ****e loads of feedback/noise from a poorly shielded guitar/bad amp/bad EQing
Make sure your amp is on its CLEAN setting, by the way. In my experience adding distortion to distortion doesnt give desired effects. If that doesnt work then i reccomend normalising your amp and starting your tone from scratch.

EDIT: But i do believe that having the pedal upon the amp wouldnt cause the problem.
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