very soon, I will be starting my first guitar project. I am going to be making a jackson rr style guitar. I am doing hardtail trem, single humbucker in bridge, and only one volume knob. I have access to any tools you can think of, and my dad and I are pretty good with wood. I am going to buy a jackson neck of ebay and bolt it on.

here are my questions.

Do you think I am capable of making this guitar?

The only concern I have for the project is routing the neck pocket. How hard is this to do correctly?

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I'm sure you'll be able to do it, just be careful, double check everything and make sure the neck pocket is study of which a simple google search will give you many of results on how to do it/books to tell you how to do it, also the hardest part i say would be routing the holes for the jack socket and shizzle on that sort of guitar, just a case of being useful with a routing machine i guess
But good luck with it
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Yeah, I bought a hunk of wood from warmoth that was prerouted, I still had to design the body though, I was too afraid of routing it wrong. You gotta be pretty EXACT for the neck pocket and bridge routings.
Its all pretty easy if you have good idea about it. where to but the bridge, pickups ect the most difficult bit is the neck pocket.
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