I've been working on this song lately and just wondered how I've done with it. It's called Fear In Sight, here's the link. http://www.purevolume.com/exstatic
If the link doesn't work (it's not for me atm) click my name and listen on my profile. You can crit the other songs if you like but this is probably the one I'm most pleased with. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.
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it sounds good nice quality. it would help if it had vocals cause right now it kind of gets repetitive. like someone wouldn't be able to listen to it all the way through.

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Wow, the riffs are ripping man! I couldn't stop banging my head. I also love how you went into the clean riff and then back into the heavy riffing.

The only thing I felt was missing (althought this isn't necessary...) was a solo or some leads of some kind.

Great job man!
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I thought it was pretty boring without vocals, but its a really nice quality recording. How do you go about recording?
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I'm actually only using Audacity and a Behringer UCA202. The drums, bass and effects are all done on TablEdit, then imported in a separate track on Audacity.

Thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate them. It's helped me to think about what i should consider next time i write a song.
Nice quality recording, i'm listening to it right now. The intro sort of reminds me of a certain Metallica song

The rest was pretty awesome, I think your clean tone could be a bit better, but apart from that I enjoyed it, I also liked the way you mixed the clean and distorted bits together.

I agree with what was said above, the song is really missing those lead's and vocals, I think it could really add to the song.

Good song and good recording overall.
Its very Metallica, a cross between Seek And Destroy, and the cool rhythmic stuff found in Orion, I like it. The clean bits could have been played better. And add a solo or 2 to take it to the next level.
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Damn, i was hoping no-one would notice the big Metallica influence. I guess it shows through a lot.. The only thing I can't do though is actually soloing, as you may be able to tell on Powerhouse..

Thanks again for your help guys.
Very Metallica, I love your tone! Maybe turn the bass down a bit, though, I'm getting 'thud' through my speakers.
man that was cool...sorta sound like what i would play (we both have huge Metallica influences lol)
i agree that it needs some kind of lead or solo though.
you change to each riff very smoothly, and the fast bit at the end was cool, i liked your fade out.
i wasn't too sure about the clean bit tho, but thats prob just personal prefrence.
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UPDATE: Ok, I've considered what you've all said and I've gone and added some leads to the song. I've done some tapping right at the end on the fast bit (It's actually the same bpm as the rest of the song).

Oh, and I've re-recorded the clean bit. I've tried to improve the tone but couldn't really get anywhere. You probably can't even tell the difference.

So I want you to go and listen again to see if I've improved. There's most likely still some bad parts about it so go ahead and tell me. It's in the same link. Thanks
Crit as Listen:
Nice intro - good recordings. Like the drumming and the begining riff - very sweet!!
I liked the acoustic around the 3 min. mark and the drumming at that time (if that makes sence!)
Cool solo over the punkish tune.

Over all, pretty cool- Good work!

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