i traded my esp ax-50 for a blue acrylic les paul copy..... i really like the guitar, and the sustian is amazing, but the tuning on it really sucks.... the think will barely stay in tune for like a half hour.... would it be the tuners, or is it just cuz the wieght of the body on the neck messes it up?????
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It could be the tuners although it is unlikely. Its more likely to be the strings on it or how you stung it. New stings will make a hue difference and also use a pencil to apply graphit in the nut which will help.
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Stretch them when you tune them, it helps stability. Tune the strings, give them a good tug, and then retune them, it should help.

The above was what I was thinking when I read the OP question. How long have these strings been on the guitar? If they are new, they need a good streaching. I have noticed that it takes a couple of days for strings to stabilize.