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do you mean when you call the wrong person or if you dial a number and the number isnt occupied? if the latter then its because no one is in use of the number... duh... lol
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Wow...I never even thought about that..but it's true...every time I dial the wrong number, the call always goes through.
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are YOU on the telephone all day?

try randomly calling numbers out of the phonebook and count how many numbers you get are busy
You don't know that. You could dial a wrong no., be told it was busy, then call the right no. back later.
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k well if the line was busy how would you know if it was a wrong number or if your friend was just busy? like say ben trys to call alex but dials the wrong number and the person he accidentally calls line is busy, how would he know that its the wrong number? like think before you talk man lol.
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How would you know you called a wrong number if it's a busy line?
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Because wrong numbers are people that have no lives - therefore always available to answer the phone. Obviously, everyone that I would call on purpose is totally awesome so they rarely are available to talk on the phone. If I accidentally go outside of this boundary of "totally awesome people" by calling the wrong number, I will always get a person on the other line.
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How many mods does it take ban half of the pit?
one, Carmel.

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pleas don't let this become a new meme.. pleeas
and ahm, yeah.. are they like, waiting next to the phone ?


If the call didn't go through would you know you had dialed the wrong number?
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