I guess this is an abrieviated version considering the backing tracks is garbage and cuts out half the song and at some points makes no sense which is the reason for some awkward moments in the song. I think I went through 3 pairs od boxers trying to sing this song decent so give me a break on that. Here it is:


ps: I understand if ppl say this sux bc usually ater i cover something i feel pretty good about it this one... not so much
Holy **** the vocals are amazing. For the entire first verse I thought you just layered Layne's vocals over it. Their quality kind of waned when the distorted guitar kicks in in the chorus, but they were still pretty good. The guitar's really good, although in the little lead up to the chorus it was a bit bass-y and in the second verse a bit treble-y. Unfortunately, the thing with the backing track cutting out really lowers the overall quality. The vocals could also be a bit louder, but other than that, really good job. AiC should have picked you as the new vocalist
haha thanks for the compliments. I saw Alice in Chains with Duvall in August and he actually is really good if you haven't seen them yet you should because they sound really good.