so i just got this guitar and love it, Not really use to the FR yet but enjoying it. One question is, should the whammy bar feel completely snug, not the screw on part but the bar that goes into the FR. Mines slightly lose inside the whammy slot. They couldnt find the orignal schecter whammy at GC when i bought it so they gave me one off a jackson. well any way should it be completely snug or should the peg on the end of the whammy be alil lose in the whole. ty.
whenever i go to guitar center and play jacksons and scheters it is always loose so i think its fine unless the guitars i played were messed up. ive acctually been thinking aobut getting one do u think its hard to tune cuz i heard it is and im afraid with my luck ill break the bridge, please message me back
it shouldnt be too loose...
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well, its on there and its not the extremely lose but if you pull it you can feel the little metal end of the trem arm move around with in the FR housing.